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Cannibalism isn’t not an option to me, if it came down to it, I will eat you.

"They made us think that Africa was a land of jungles, a land of animals, a land of cannibals and savages…they were so successful in projecting this negative image of Africa, those of us here in the West of African ancestry, the Afro-American, we looked upon Africa as a hateful place…Why? Because those who oppress know that you can’t make a person hate the root without making them hate the tree. You can’t hate your own and not end up hating yourself. And since we all originated in Africa, you can’t make us hate Africa without making us hate ourselves…And what was the result? They ended up with 22 million Black people here in America who hated everything about us that was African."

- Malcolm X (via 7lettersofglori)

Hit em with the selfies so they can remember you

Well I did 6th grade wrong


i love this photoset but the only thing i can ever focus on is the picture placement makes it look like zetsu has giant yaoi hans

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when rappers brag about being rich and breaking the law but then whine when people illegally download their music